STT-PLN’s plan to transform by developing into a PLN Institute of Technology is getting closer. It is proven by the implementation of a visitation event by the Evaluation Team from RISTEKDIKTI on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. The event began at 10:00 until 16:00 in the Ir. Sedyatmo room, 4th fl. STT-PLN.

The evaluator who acted to evaluate and verify the STT-PLN requirement documents were Mrs. Ning Adiasih from USakti, Mr. Dahlan from Unpad, Mrs. Norsanty from LLDIKTI 3, Mr. Osvaldo Sativa Amastha, Mr. Jumadi, and Mr. Eniman Y. Syamsudin. The event was also attended by the representatives from YPK-PLN, i.e. Mr. Supriyadi, Mr. Djoko Paryoto, Mr. Beni Hermawan, and Mr. Bobby Hadi Purnomo.

In his remarks, Mr. Supriyadi as the Chairperson of YPK-PLN said that the change or transformation of STT-PLN into IT-PLN was a great achievement or could be called as a milestone for YPK-PLN and STT-PLN since the establishment of STT-PLN in 1998.

In addition to the verification of administrative completeness, there are also visitation to facilities at STT-PLN to review the readiness of STT-PLN after the transformation.

Hopefully with this transformation, the campus can be able to progress further with the role as a creator of superior generations for the progress of the nation.

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