Vision of Study Programs
Become a superior study program in the field of building planning and management of energy and electricity infrastructure in 2022.

Mission of the Study Program

  1. Organizing professional education based on morals and ethics to form a reliable graduate in the field of building planning and management of energy and electricity infrastructure.
  2. Conducting research and disseminating research results in efforts to deepen and develop building and infrastructure science.
  3. Carrying out various community service activities related to assisting in the development of infrastructure, technology, and management of existing facilities and infrastructure in the community.
  4. Establish cooperation with various parties in the development of higher education and human resources.

Purpose of Study Program

  1. Produce Bachelor graduates who have sufficient and adequate knowledge and skills in the fields of engineering, construction, operation, supervision and maintenance of infrastructure related to electricity and other infrastructure.
  2. Increasing education and research activities in the context of enriching the treasury of scientific fields in the fields of civil engineering and electricity energy based on morals and ethics in the context of filling and supporting national development.
  3. Increasing community service activities in the form of guidance, guidance, and consultation to increase community participation in development and community empowerment.
  4. Building an academic culture to improve good governance by promoting intellectual and integrity.