The realization of a modern, independent Mechanical Engineering Diploma Study Program that is capable of competing and excelling in the field of generation, operation and maintenance of energy and electricity.


Based on the vision above, the missions carried out by the Mechanical Engineering fo the Study Program Period of 2013-2017 are:

  1. Conducting a professional vocational education to produce intermediate technical experts who are reliable and competitive in the field of generation operations and maintaining energy and electricity system.
  2. Organizing management and organization of study program that have good governance (Good University Governance) in accordance with the national standard of higher education.
  3. Conducting research in the field of mechanical engineering and spread the results of research to develop science and technology, especially in the fields of generation, operation and maintenance of energy and electricity system.
  4. Conducting various Community Service activities to develop social sensitivity and responsibility for the entire academic community.
  5. Establishing cooperation with various parties in developing study programs and human resources.


Educational Objectives

Based on the vision and mission above, the objectives to be achieved by the Mechanical Engineering Diploma study program are:

  1. Nurturing the attitude and behavior of graduates who have competence, professionalism, discipline, and responsibility as well as highly dedicated and concerned with the welfare of the community.
  2. Producing Associate Experts in Mechanical Engineering who have sufficient and adequate knowledge and skills covering the fields of: operation and maintenance related to generation, energy and electricity.
  3. Producing Associates of Mechanical Engineering who become part of the community members that are able to professionally identify, formulate and solve engineering problems in general, and able to apply and develop science and technology, especially in the fields of generation, machinery, energy and electricity.
  4. Being able to develop, operate and maintain energy and electricity engines through the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education (teaching, research, and community service).
  5. Producing graduates who have the ability to work professionally and have the academic ability to continue vocational education in further education program.
  6. Developing science in the field of mechanical engineering through research and spread the results through various community service activities to strengthen energy and electricity to improve people’s welfare.


To become one of the top 10 major Diploma study programs at the national level that are based on electricity energy generation machines in 2017.