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In order to increase the competency and knowledge of STT-PLN Academic Community, especially for the lecturers, STT-PLN in cooperation with PT Telkom Digital Service Division held an IoT Antares – LoRaWAN Training. The event was divided into two batches which began on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 for the first batch, and Wednesday, January 15, 2020 for the second batch, started from 8 am until 5 pm. This event was attended by the board of directors of STT-PLN and lecturers from all departments.

In his remarks, Chairman of the STT-PLN, Prof. Dr. Ir. Iwa Garniwa M. K., MT said that this training was very good for upgrading the capabilities of STT-PLN lecturers. He also said that STT-PLN should always be updated in terms of technological developments. The IoT platform developed by PT Telkom, Antares, can be applied in various fields, from agriculture to electricity energy management. In this training, the lecturers are targeted to be able to make a simple Android-based controller application, which is expected to be developed in the future. With the construction of the Smart Energy Center, and the Waste-to-Energy Center at STT-PLN, the IoT platform is expected to bring new things through the research of STT-PLN lecturers and students.



The Government of South Bangka Regency paid a visit to STT-PLN in the context of waste management consultation on TOSS – Listrik Kerakyatan (People-based Electricity) on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

The purpose of the visit was to study the waste to energy processing center at STT-PLN, as a pilot project in building a waste processing site into energy in South Bangka Regency.

A group of nine, led by the Head of Housing and Environmental Settlements Department (PKPLH) of South Bangka Regency, Bpk. Ranu Santana; PKPLH Secretary, Bpk. Ahmad Rasyid, along with his staff, were received by Deputy Chairman IV Dr. Ir. Soetjipto Soewono, Dipl. GE; YPK PLN Daily Chairperson, Bpk. Djoko Paryoto and several related section Managers and Coordinators of Listrik Kerakyatan.

The event began at 09.00 WIB with the presentation of material related to the process of waste processing into energy by Bpk. Djoko Paryoto who then continued with the demonstration of waste processing until it became a ready-made brickets for generator fuel or stove fuel in TOSS-LK 2. The visit ended with display of the gasifier process.

The STT-PLN Listrik Kerakyatan Program is increasingly in demand by local governments. It previously has also been built in Klungkung, Bali and Yogyakarta, which then will be followed by the government of South Bangka Regency that is interested in building waste processing facilities into energy.

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Thursday, November 28, 2019. STT-PLN conducted a work visit to PT. Java-Bali Power Plant (PJB) in Surabaya. Along with the visit, the team also discussed the Cooperation in the Field of Education, Training and HR Development. The Chairman of STT-PLN, Prof. Dr. Ir Iwa Garniwa M K, MT was accompanied by Waket I Bpk. Luqman, ST, M.Kom, Waket II Bpk. Drs. Muh. Ahsan, MM, Waket III Ibu Nurmiati Pasra, ST, MT, and Bpk Drs. Prayudi, MT, MM as Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The visit was welcomed by the President Director of PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali, Bpk. Iwan Agung Firstantara, accompanied by Bpk. Suharto as the Director of Human Resources and Bpk. Sriyono as the President Commissioner of PT PJB who was also a Permanent Lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering at STT-PLN. The meeting discussed about the offer of cooperation in the academic field, Joint Assessment Collaboration with PJB and Follow-up of the existing MoU between STT-PLN and PT PJB.

Iwa Garniwa said that soon, STT-PLN would be transformed into PLN Institute of Technology (IT-PLN) which certainly needed the support of PT PLN and its subsidiaries. IT-PLN will be the

Research Center of every case concerning energy and electricity. STT-PLN or IT-PLN offers new and renewable energy by supporting energy independence projects on the islands of Bawean and Gilinoko by utilizing energy from waste or battery storage system.

Also, STT-PLN offers Doctoral offshore cooperation program with UTEM Malaysia for PT PJB Employees, in which they only need to do two week studying activities in Malaysia and the rest of the semester can be conducted at STT-PLN. For dissertation, students can also use some research materials from electricity problems at PLN, so that the students do not have to leave their job/work.

The event then continued with a work visit to a Steam Power Plant (PLTU) owned by PT PJB in Gresik.

Hopefully, the cooperation that has been established between STT-PLN and PJB can continue to be maintained and increasingly developed.



STT-PLN’s plan to transform by developing into a PLN Institute of Technology is getting closer. It is proven by the implementation of a visitation event by the Evaluation Team from RISTEKDIKTI on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. The event began at 10:00 until 16:00 in the Ir. Sedyatmo room, 4th fl. STT-PLN.

The evaluator who acted to evaluate and verify the STT-PLN requirement documents were Mrs. Ning Adiasih from USakti, Mr. Dahlan from Unpad, Mrs. Norsanty from LLDIKTI 3, Mr. Osvaldo Sativa Amastha, Mr. Jumadi, and Mr. Eniman Y. Syamsudin. The event was also attended by the representatives from YPK-PLN, i.e. Mr. Supriyadi, Mr. Djoko Paryoto, Mr. Beni Hermawan, and Mr. Bobby Hadi Purnomo.

In his remarks, Mr. Supriyadi as the Chairperson of YPK-PLN said that the change or transformation of STT-PLN into IT-PLN was a great achievement or could be called as a milestone for YPK-PLN and STT-PLN since the establishment of STT-PLN in 1998.

In addition to the verification of administrative completeness, there are also visitation to facilities at STT-PLN to review the readiness of STT-PLN after the transformation.

Hopefully with this transformation, the campus can be able to progress further with the role as a creator of superior generations for the progress of the nation.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019. The final health test result for 56 D3 students of the 2016 Cooperation Class of PT PLN (Persero) – STT-PLN was held at the 3rd Floor Operation Room STT-PLN. Those students had taken the test health at the Biotest Laboratory, Kebayoran baru, South Jakarta on September 17, 2019.

The event was attended by representatives of PT PLN (Persero) Head Office, PT PLN (Persero) Jakarta Main Distribution Unit, the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Head of the D3 Department of Electrical Engineering and the STT-PLN Cooperation section. It was conveyed that based on the announcement of PT PLN (Persero ) dated October 23, 2019, as many as 34 students were declared to have passed the final health test and as many as 22 participants has not passed the final medical test. Those 22 participants were given the opportunity to improve their health conditions within a maximum period of 1 (one) year from the announcement date.

Congratulations to the D3K Students of PT PLN (Persero) – STT-PLN who have passed the final health test, keep healthy and always improve your achievements. For students who have not been declared to pass at this stage, keep the spirit, do not be discouraged, keep healthy and good luck in the next test.

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UTeM Malaysia Visit

Monday, 4 November 2019. STT-PLN visited Malaysia Technical University of Melaka. The visit was aimed to develop cooperation with international parties, especially in the academic field. The visit was attended by the Leaders of STT-PLN, the Head of Electrical Engineering Diploma Study Program, and the Head of Informatics Engineering Bachelor Study Program.

The visit of the leaders of STT-PLN and its ranks was warmly welcomed by UteM representatives, and the morning event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology, Gs. Dr. Othman bin Mohd. along with his staff and the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Md. Nazri bin Othman and his staff. The event began with the introduction of the UTeM campus profile to the group from STT-PLN, followed by a technical meeting on curriculum discussion and group visitation to several laboratories in the faculty of Information & Communication Technology and the Electrical Engineering faculty.

In discussing the curriculum of each study program, it can be concluded that there are some similarities in the courses in UTeM and STT-PLN but with some different course credits. In the future, some efforts will be made to adjust the course credits to ensure the continuity of the cooperation that will be held for Student exchange, Double Degree, Joint Research programs, etc.

After the meeting with the Faculty members, the leaders of STT-PLN and the ranks had a meeting with Vice Chancellor of UTeM, Prof. Datuk Dr. Raha Abdul Rahim. At the meeting, an agreement was reached to build a cooperation including: an internship program, student exchange, lecturer exchange, research collaboration, and dual degree programs for both bachelor (S1) and Magister (S2) degrees. Besides, it is expected that STT-PLN will host the offshore PhD program.

This is a good opportunity for STT-PLN to improve and align itself with foreign universities. Let’s jump as high as possible so that STT-PLN which will be transformed into the PLN Institute of Technology can become a superior university.