STT-PLN has been operating since 1998, located previously at the Indonesia Power Building, Jl. Gatot Subroto. The director of STT-PLN is the PLN Education and Welfare Foundation, abbreviated as YPK-PLN. YPK-PLN was founded by PLN in the same year, in 1998.

The main purpose of the establishment of STT-PLN is to form a place for PLN (National Electricity Company) experts to transfer their knowledge to the next generation. Along with the increasing need for electricity, large-scale power plants using fuel oil, coal and gas have also begun to develop, as well as Geothermal Power Plant. The rapid growth of demand in Java has led to the birth of the Java-Bali interconnection system with a length of up to thousands of kilometers and using an extra high voltage of 500 kV. With the aforementioned background of PLN, the skilled personnel from the disciplines of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Information Engineering becomes a necessity. Thus STT-PLN was established for this reason.