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Free Electricity Installation Assistance for Dhuafa Family

Krueng Geukueh – North Aceh, 05 October 2019 || STT-PLN alumni on duty at PT. PLN (Persero) UIW Aceh held a social activity titled ‘One Man One Hope’ by giving assistance of free electricity installation for poor families.

The donation made by STT-PLN Alumni spread across the Aceh Region was realized in the form of electricity installation assistance for poor families. This activity began with a discussion among alumni who were moved to strengthen their friendship which is accompanied by sharing activities. The first location was held in North Aceh District, which on that day, was symbolically realized through alumni representation in that area.

The donation of free electricity installation is made to the family:

  1. Ibu Aisyah Tao, a widow who lives in Teubai Village in Dewantara sub-district. She does not have a permanent job and has three dependent children in the family.
  2. Mr. Ramli Daud. He lives in the village of Ulee Madon, Muara Batu sub-district. He does not have a permanent job and has three dependent children.
  3. Ibu Syarbani Ali, a widow who lives in Paloh Raya Village, Muara Batu sub-district. To support her family, she knits woven mats everyday, and does not have a permanent job. She must bear her living cost alone.

Henceforth, this social activity plan will continue to be carried out alternately in each location in the Aceh Region, along with social activities, hospitality, and discussions to share knowledge and experiences.

This activity proves that STT-PLN Alumni who have been scattered all around the country, especially in the Aceh Region, can remain solid and strong, and can share some of their wealth which can benefit the surrounding communities.

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